PhytoSolve® Systems

PhytoSolve® – Finest Droplets with Huge Effect

PhytoSolve® is a unique solubilization technology for lipophilic actives based on phospholipids from Lipoid. PhytoSolve® can be easily used without further processing in dietetic product formulations, for example as a nutrient-enriched concentrate (as a daily supplement).

Fig. 5 shows the typical droplet size distribution of PhytoSolve® 4021 (Coenzyme Q10). Fig. 6 shows a freeze fracture electron microscopy image of PhytoSolve® 4021.

• PhytoSolve® is self-preserving and free of preservatives
• PhytoSolve® is self-emulsifying and can be mixed with water in any ratio
• PhytoSolve® will increase the bioavailability of poorly soluble nutrients (Fig. 7)
• PhytoSolve® is all natural and GMO-free

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