About ALC

About American Lecithin Company

For more than 90 years, American Lecithin has continually improved the basic properties of its lecithins, creating new products with better performance in a broad range of uses. We remain committed to providing the very best in quality, consistency, and technical support for our full range of products, from standard grade lecithins to high-tech fractionations.

American Lecithin is a member of the Lipoid Group of companies. Lipoid manufactures the widest range of lecithins and phospholipids for the food, nutrition, industrial, pharmaceutical, and personal care markets.

American Lecithin’s LIPOID (Formerly ALCOLEC®) products are used in food processing, nutrition, and a wide range of industrial applications.

For additional information on American Lecithin products or to obtain samples, contact us directly.

115 Hurley Road, Unit 2B
Oxford, CT 06478
Phone: 203.262.7100
Fax: 203.262.7101
Toll-Free: 1.800.364.4416
e-mail: customerservice@americanlecithin.us

For basic scientific questions on lecithins and phospholipids, visit the Phospholipid Research Center, www.phospholipid-institute.com.

For information about lecithins used in pharmaceuticals and personal care products, visit www.lipoid.com.

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