The Widest Variety of Natural Emulsifiers, Carriers and Delivery Systems on the Market

Consumers have never been more concerned about what goes into the supplements, vitamins and organic products they use.

Need a hypo-allergenic, non-GMO blending agent with a heart-healthy fatty acid profile?
A mold release agent that helps baked goods maintain a rich golden color under high production temperature?
A liposomal ingredient that enables powdered products to dissolve instantly in water?

That’s why it’s so important for manufacturers and wholesalers to source the specialized ingredients that differentiate their products from a supplier they can trust for quality, consistency and the right certifications.

Lecithins and phospholipids are an essential part of the mix. Their typical compositions tailor the characteristics of nutritional products to meet precise needs.


Increase absorption of vitamins and nutrients


Build chemical profiles higher in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fats


Enrich products with choline, serine, essential compounds and nutrients


Assure that products are free of proteins associated with certain diseases

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See common applications and typical properties.

Products for Nutritional Applications

PhosChol® Polyenylphosphatidylcholines: Pure Soy Phosphatidylcholine as a Nutritional Supplement

PhosChol®: Nutritional supplement
• PHOSPHOLIPON® 90 G/NG: >90% PC, granulated
• PHOSAL® 75 SA: 75% PC, liquid in safflower oil
• PHOSAL® 53 MCT: 53% PC, liquid in medium-chain triglycerides
• PHOSAL® 50 SA: 50% PC, in safflower oil

Soybean Phosphatidylserines

LIPOID PS: Non-GMO serine-enriched lecithins from soybean that promote healthy cell function

• LIPOID PS 20 P: 20% PS, powder
• LIPOID PS 50 P: 50% PS, powder
• LIPOID PS 70 P: 70% PS, powder


LIPOID GPC: An exceptional carrier of beneficial compounds to the brain

• LIPOID GPC COMPOUND: 50% GPC, fine granules
• LIPOID GPC X: Pure GPC, powder
• PHOSAL® GPC 85: 85% GPC, viscous aqueous concentrate

Delivery Systems Based on High Purity Phospholipids

PhytoSolve®: Transparent emulsion with up to 10x more bioavailability; Class of hydrophilic, customized transparent emulsions consisting of polyols, phospholipids and active lipophilic components.
• Liposomes: Delivery systems with encapsulated actives.
• Ultraspheres: Micro-emulsions with all-natural ingredients as carrier of actives, e.g. vitamins.

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