Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine (a-GPC)

a-GPC is essential for healthy cell function, contains no fatty acids, and easily passes the blood-brain barrier. Those characteristics make it an excellent carrier for delivery of beneficial nutrients and choline to the brain.

Scientific research has associated GPC itself with tissue growth and renewal, mental focus, recall, and recovery from stroke or circulatory injury.

Nutrition product manufacturers and wholesalers rely on ALC’s wide variety of a-GPC products for liquid formulations, dietary supplements, beverages, hard shell capsules, gel caps, and capsules. Fractionations range from 50% to pure a-GPC.

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Health benefits cited in scientific literature include:

  • A vital role in tissue growth and renewal, organ vitality, reproduction, and mind-body integration
  • Significantly benefits attention, mental focus, recall, and cognition
  • Benefits that defend against memory decline caused by poor brain circulation or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Valuable for brain recovery after stroke or circulatory injury
  • Can revitalize master hormone functions