Nano Emulsions &
Bioavailability Enhancement

Lipoid Products for the Preparation of Emulsions

For the preparation of emulsions, phospholipids are first mixed with water. Afterwards the oil phase is added. To form a homogenous emulsion, high-shear mixing is used as a first step.

As a second step, ultrasound or high-pressure homogenization is used to yield a homogenous product with desired droplet size distribution.

Improvement of Bioavailability
With the help of phospholipids fat-soluble nutrients such as coenzyme Q10 can be solubilized into micelles. With this technology the uptake into the enterocytes of the small intestine is significantly improved. The enterocytes require phospholipids to pack dietary fats and lipophilic nutrients into chylomicrons, that are then released into the lymph.

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