Lipoid Products for the Preparation of Liposomes

For the preparation of liposomes, phospholipids are mixed with water and the desired active ingredients. Ethanol or glycerol may be added to improve the stability of the product or to enhance the solubility of the ingredients. High-shear mixing is usually applied for the preparation of liposomes.

In a second step, ultrasound or high-pressure homogenization may be used to obtain smaller and homogenously distributed liposomes. In general, a higher energy input usually results in a more homogenous product.

ALC offers purified phospholipids from non-GMO soy (e.g. LIPOID P 45) and sunflower (e.g. LIPOID H 90) that are particularly suited for the preparation of liposomes. Furthermore, a preformulation of empty liposomes is available (LIPOID Liposome Basic) that can be mixed with a wide range of active ingredients. It allows for the easy and quick development of individual liposomal products.

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