Instantizing Agent

An instant product is wetted quickly, sinks down, and disperses and dissolves even in cold water or milk. A standard test to estimate the instant properties is the Mohr’s test, which estimates wettability and dispersing capacities.

Instantization is necessary if the quick dissolution of a dry product is desired but hindered by various physical or chemical factors, such as a high fat content. The free fat covering the surface prevents the wetting and dispersion in cold milk or water. Further, instantization prevents the formation of clots from settling down in the fluid without being dispersed in products that are not spontaneously flowing or are hydrophobic.

There are three general functional properties of instant powders:

Penetration of liquid into a porous system.


Sinking of the particles through the surface of the liquid.


The ability of powder solids to completely disperse in the liquid as individual particles with minimal stirring.

Some products may be made instant by simple modification of the physical distribution of ingredients, for example, by agglomeration or by forming a very large surface, as is the case with coffee powder or non-fat dry milk powder. Agglomeration results in an increased particle size and a more porous powder structure that improves the penetration of the liquid.

In most cases, simple agglomeration alone is not sufficient, and the addition of small amounts of a hydrophilic substance is necessary. Today, lecithin is the generally used instantizing agent for foods and feed. Treatment with lecithin should result in formation of a fine layer on the whole surface of each single particle. Lecithin may be added either before or after agglomeration, depending on the production equipment, and sprinkled on the product or intermixed. In the case of agglomeration, it may be added before or after formation of agglomerates, depending on the product.

If products cannot be agglomerated themselves, an aqueous solution of lecithin can improve the agglomeration process.

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Instantizing Products


A fine yellow deoiled powder of high phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine content. It is used in dry mixtures (e.g., cocoa powder and cocoa mixed drinks) when the total mix is agglomerated afterwards by addition of steam or water. A continuous process of agglomeration and instantization is thus made possible; this both saves labor and enables an exact dosage of the lecithin without problems. For full-cream dried milk, ALCOLEC® F 100 is dissolved in butterfat (and for other foods is dissolved in vegetable oil) and sprayed on the full-cream dried milk.


A food grade, bland, light amber, low viscosity, highly filtered, and refined fluid soybean lecithin designed primarily for spray applications. The phosphatidylcholine content is approximately 11%. This product may be used with or without agglomeration through spraying and heating to 60°C. ALCOLEC® LV30 is not a substitute for ALCOLEC® F 100 because of its chemical composition and concomitant substances. With ALCOLEC® LV30 instantization may be accomplished by simple mixing without wetting and drying afterwards. Heating to temperatures of about 50°C is almost always necessary.


A virtually oil free powdered lecithin. It is medium tan or yellow in color. It is bland in taste and odor. This product is highly concentrated in the natural phospholipid components of soy lecithin. It is used for instantizing milk powders, cocoa beverage powders, dessert powders, protein powders, gravy powders, cake mixes, etc. Recommended usage levels are 0.2–0.9%.


A high-grade fluid sunflower lecithin. It is used as a general purpose emulsifier, viscosity modifier, and mixing/blending aid. The phosphatidylcholine content is approximately 14%. ALCOLEC® HL can be diluted with oils such as sunflower, MCT, etc. to reduce its viscosity and to improve its sprayability. This product is also hypo-allergenic.


A deoiled sunflower lecithin from non-GMO plants. ALCOLEC H® 20 has a minimum of 20% phosphatidylcholine. The handling and use of ALCOLEC® H 20 is similar to ALCOLEC® F 100 as described above. This product is also hypo-allergenic.

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