Lecithins and Phospholipids

More Than Just Emulsifiers.

Highest quality lecithins and phospholipids for food, nutritional, and industrial applications.

Product Suite

Derived from soy, sunflower, and egg, lecithins are unique emulsifiers of natural origin, essential to health and indispensible in manufacturing.

Active Material

Study links LIPOID GPC and improved post-op brain function.

Delivery System

Purified phospholipids are perfectly suited for the preparation of liposomes.


ALCOLEC® lecithins prevent food from sticking to the contact surfaces used in cooking, mold release and packaging materials.

Natural Sources

Soy is a natural sustainable resource for active materials like phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine.

Especially useful in nutritional applications, two piece hardcaps and tablets, when high levels of PS are desirable.

American Lecithin provides soybean lecithins and other phospholipids that perform well in the preparation of emulsions.

Lecithins are ideal for developing instant products that wet quickly, sink down, and disperse and dissolve even in cold water or milk.

Versatile, economical and natural emulsifiers from sunflower can be used when hypoallergenic labelling is required.

Fractionations of lecithin provide higher levels of PC, widely recognized as a contributor to good health, neuro-nutrient support and more.

Our PhytoSolve® systems are preformed nano-emulsions preloaded with various oil-soluble actives and can be used without further processing.

Lecithins reduce dough stickiness, increase production through-put rates, minimize product loss and can eliminate the need for synthetic emulsifiers.

Provides a phosphatidylcholine source that is rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) perfectly suited for instant nutrition.


With a broad product base, excellent technology, and a legacy of expertise, we are perfectly positioned to help customers in almost any industry meet their performance and processing challenges.

High performance lecithins are used for blending, emulsification, viscosity modification, and more. They’re GRAS certified, non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, Kosher, and Halal approved.

Lecithins and phospholipids are an essential part of the nutritional product mix, with typical compositions that can be customized to meet each customer’s precise needs.

Amphiphilic (with different affinities for oil and water) and cost-effective, lecithin products are invaluable as emulsifiers, wetting, mixing, softening, and surface-active agents.

Phospholipids processed from plant and animal sources are widely used in personal care and pharmaceutical formulations.

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