Highest-quality lecithins
and phospholipids
for use in food, nutrition,
industrial, personal care
and pharmaceutical production.


The Widest Range of Specialty Lecithins on the Market

Sold under the ALCOLEC®, PHOSPHOLIPON® and PHOSAL® brand names, ALC lecithins include standard, refined and fractionated grades derived from soy, sunflower or egg in liquid, granular and powder form.

With more than 80 years of product development experience, ALC provides unparalleled insight and expertise. We will help you align the right high-quality ingredients with applications in food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and industrial markets.

Grades include:  
Sunflower Derived Sunflower-derived, hypo-allergenic and non-GMO Lecithins and Pholpholipids.
Ideal mixing/blending or release agents.
Fluid Excellent water/oil emulsifiers and viscosity modifiers.
Ideal mixing/blending or release agents.
De-oiled Powders or granules for enhanced dispersion in water and easier handling.
PC-enriched Contain higher levels of choline, widely recognized as a contributor to good health.
PS-enriched Contain higher levels of phosphatidylserine, useful in nutritional applications, hardcaps and tablets.
GPC-enriched Contain higher levels of glycerophosphocholine, a natural choline compound necessary for healthy cell function.
Heat resistant Forms a slippery surface when combined with water; for high-heat applications at 1% of finished product.
Encapsulation grade For soft gelatin capsules requiring clarity and brilliance.
Sprayable Low-viscosity fluids used as dispersants, instantizers, emulsifiers, release agents and stabilizers.
Enzyme-modified Especially useful in food as an instantizer and to help maintain freshness.
Meltable Solids Excellent mixing/blending and release agents, or viscosity modifiers.
Delivery systems Proprietary ALC technology that enhances bioavailability of
lipophilic-active nutritional ingredients.