Highest-quality lecithins
and phospholipids
for use in food, nutrition,
industrial, personal care
and pharmaceutical production.



Sunflower Lecithins/Phospholipids

Excellent water/oil emulsifiers and viscosity modifiers, these products are ideal mixing/blending agents or may be used to release products from surfaces during manufacture.

Fluid grades typically contain 14% phosphatidylcholine (PC) and varied chemical, color, moisture, viscosity and emulsification properties.

ALCOLEC® HL (Sunflower) Liquid sunflower lecithin
ALCOLEC® H 20 (Sunflower) Powdered Sunflower lecithin with 20% phosphatidylcholine
LIPOID H 50 (Sunflower) Fatfree sunflower lecithin with 50% phosphatidylcholine
LIPOID H 90 (Sunflower) LIPOID H 90 Sunflower phosphatidylcholine (non-GMO) with 90% phosphatidylcholine
LIPOID® H 100 (Sunflower) Sunflower lecithin with 90% phosphatidylcholine
LIPOID H PS 70 P (Sunflower) Sunflower phospholipids with 70% phosphatidylserine
LIPOID H GPC 50 Mix (Sunflower) Fine granules with 50% sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (GPC) from sunflower
LIPOID H GPC (Sunflower) Powder with 98% sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (GPC) (choline alfoscerate) from sunflower phosphatidylcholine