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Glycerophosphocholine (GPC)

GPC is a natural choline compound, derived from soy phosphatidylcholine, necessary for healthy cell function. It is also a nutrient for all cells in the human body. Scientific research has associated GPC with tissue growth and renewal, mental focus and recall and recovery from stroke or circulatory injury.

GPC contains no fatty acids and blends colorlessly into liquid formulations.

LIPOID H GPC (Sunflower) Pure alpha-HGPC for dietary supplements, beverage use
LIPOID H GPC 50 Mix (Sunflower) Fine granules with 50% sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (GPC) from sunflower
LIPOID GPC (Soy) Pure alpha-GPC for dietary supplements, beverage use
LIPOID GPC X (Soy) 90% GPC for use in tablets and hard shell capsules
LIPOID GPC 50 (Soy) 50% GPC for hard gelatin capsules and tableting
PHOSAL® GPC 85 (Soy) 85% GPC fluid for use in soft gelatin capsules


Study* Links LIPOID (Formerly ALCOLEC®) GPC and Improved Post-Op Brain Function

American Lecithin sponsored a 2010 study that evaluated LIPOID (Formerly (ALCOLEC®) GPC efficacy in protecting cognitive brain function after heart surgery. LIPOID (Forerly ALCOLEC®) GPC has been explored as a protective nutrient in a patient pool of 20 people who received the surgery under general anesthesia.

LIPOID (Formerly ALCOLEC®) GPC (1200mg) was administered in soft gelatin capsules twice a day for 14 days (one week prior to, and a week after, surgery). Post-operative cognitive function was assessed using the psychometric mini-mental state examination (MMSE) and Benton visual retention test (BVRT). After administration for just two weeks, this initial study concluded that α-GPC may help lower risk of postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

* Yamamoto Y., Watanabe G. et al., Division of Cardiac Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan, 2010: "Protective Cognitive Brain Function After Heart Surgery: Treatment with the Nutritive a-GPC."