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Highest-quality lecithins
and phospholipids
for use in food, nutrition,
industrial, personal care
and pharmaceutical production.

High-Performance Lecithins
For Food Products and Processes

ALC provides the specialty lecithins and phospholipids that enable food products to meet very specific requirements.

Need a hypo-allergenic, non-GMO blending agent with a heart-healthy fatty acid profile?
A mold release agent that helps baked goods maintain a rich golden color under high production temperature? A liposomal ingredient that enables powdered products to dissolve instantly in water?

Our support team will help you find a precise product fit.

From pioneering work in lecithin development 80 years ago, to innovative solutions that meet today's complex food requirements, ALC has remained a brand manufacturers and wholesalers trust. For quality, expertise and service.

  • Meet certification requirements, from GRAS in the US to European Union directives to World Health Organization codes
  • Satisfy customer preferences such as non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, Kosher and Halal approved
  • Hone product characteristics to your precise needs:
    • Lubricate
    • Blend
    • Soften
    • Condition
    • Modify viscosity
    • Emulsify oils and water
    • Release products from molds
    • Maintain color
    • Prevent staleness
    • Stand up to high heat
    • Make oils easily spray able
    • Add nutritional value
    • Promote good health

Our Guide to Applications suggests products for uses in foods and their production.

Contact us for specific product specifications and samples, or visit our products page.